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I am writing today to share my experience with one of the finest attorneys I have ever met. I come from a long line of attorneys myself, so after a vicious dog attack that left me with a horrible injury to my face, I knew who to go to for the best handling of my case. Greg Veralrud is not only an incredible attorney, he is a really nice person. I wanted the best, but I also needed an attorney with a big heart and the ability to show empathy and compassion to me at a very painful time in my life. Greg Veralrud more than delivered. He treated my case as if it were his own child that had been attacked. Greg Veralrud has the “eye of the tiger;” and you cannot buy that kind of representation. Greg Veralrud is a Tiger. I am more than pleased I went to Mr. Veralrud because he fought for me tooth and nail and got me a great result. Greg Veralrud truly went the extra mile. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Veralrud if you are seeking an attorney who will take your case seriously, value you as a person and a client, and really treat your case as if it were his own. You will be very happy that you did because no matter what he is going fight very hard for you to get the best result that is possible.

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