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Greg Veralrud is a top Oregon personal injury attorney. Mr. Veralrud and his legal team have successfully secured awards and settlements in many personal injury cases. What really sets Greg Veralrud apart from other Oregon personal injury attorneys is his dedication to his clients. Many other attorneys are willing to accept a quick, easy, but subpar settlement to avoid taking cases to trial. If Greg Veralrud senses that there is a better outcome than that settlement, he will win your case in court for you if that is what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

Mr. Veralrud’s personal injury cases are taken on a contingent basis, meaning that your legal fees are contingent on him securing you an award or settlement. This means that until we win you the compensation you deserve, you will not be charged a dollar in attorney fees. The first time we talk, our goal will be to educate you and give you an understanding of the proceedings to follow. Our legal team will ensure  sure you understand all costs and fees before you sign a legal retainer.

If you are looking for an Oregon personal injury attorney, or you have questions about a personal injury case that needs representation, we invite you to call Mr. Veralrud today for a free and 100% confidential consultation. Feel free to spend some time discussing your Oregon personal injury case knowing that you are not accruing any legal costs.


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Mr. Veralrud handled my case with great care and skill. He obviously knows his way around a courtroom. He kept me informed and made some unexpected court appearances for me without extra charge. I’m very pleased and highly recommend him…read more

I am writing today to share my experience with one of the finest attorneys I have ever met. I come from a long line of attorneys myself, so after a vicious dog attack that left me with a horrible injury…read more

I have worked with Mr. Veralrud on a couple of occasions in which I needed legal counsel. Each time I found him to be extremely responsive, knowledgeable and detail oriented. He fully explained all of my options and delivered the…read more

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